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Dec 14th Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 2:35 pm. 

The meeting followed the WATC Christmas party, held at the Milwaukee Ale House in Grafton, WI.  The party included a wonderful gift exchange with many Airedale-themed gifts.

Twelve members were present and 3 officers.

Secretary’s Report:

No report available.  Our secretary, Peggy, recently moved to Michigan.   No known corrections.

Treasurer’s Report

            Current balance is $6,351.82

            The club made money on the Floater event

                        $1,908.69 profit from the Floater event

                        $1,895.92 was seed money returned

Congratulations and sincere thanks to Sue Reimund for all her help with the fund raising efforts.

At our February meeting we will discuss proposals regarding what to do with the money, such as a donation to Airedale Rescue or Cancer Research fund


The club welcomed the following new members:

            Renee Jacobson of Manitowoc

                        Renee was a member of WATC previously and is asking to be reinstated.

            Brenda and Lyle Koppa of Oconto, WI

            Jim Howard and Glenn Bastek of Napierville, IL

All applicants were approved for membership


Old Business

The Floater was very successful.  We had good participation, good weather and very positive comments on our sponsorship.  People loved the trophies.

Thank You to LaVerne for the handmade candles.

The comment was made that WATC set a very high standard for the next Floater event that will be held in California

Steve Lehrer has some remaining cookbooks that our club can sell and keep the profits.  Contact Steve at if you are interested in one.


Two events were scheduled in October. 

            There was a small attendance at the Fall Walk, just 5 dogs.

            The Fun Day was canceled due too limited number who RSVPd.  The Racine

Kennel Club can no longer be reserved for this event.


New Business

            Annual meeting will be held Sun. Feb. 22 at 11:00

            We will hold an election of officers.  Please plan to attend this meeting!

There are seven positions to be filled: 3 board positions, president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary.

Next year’s Specialty event is scheduled for Saturday, July 25.  We need to secure the Sweepstakes judge.  Several names were suggested:

                        Susan Anderson

                        Sandi Cooley

                        Jane Noerenberg

                        Gary Vohs

                        Kurt Bloom


Meeting was adjourned at 3:10 pm.