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2009 Annual Meeting Minutes  February 22, 2009

The 2009 WATC Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, Feb. 22nd and began at 1:30 p.m.  There were 10 members present.

Secretary’s Report

There was no Secretary’s Report, as our Secretary, Peggy Flyte has moved to MI.

Treasurer’s Report

Sandi Cooley presented the club’s annual financial statement, and it will be posted on our website,  You must use a user name and password to view the financial statement.  These are:  User name:  WATC   Password:  Airedale

Vice President’s Report

Sue Reimund reports that all of our fundraiser items have been sold.  All members present applauded Sue for everything she has done for the club.

President’s Report

Craig Larrabee would like to congratulate the club for its big part in organizing and hosting the Floater.  While at the Montgomery All-Terrier show in PA, he heard many positive comments regarding the success of our event.  The next floater will be held in California in March, and it was said that “The Great Lakes Floater set the bar very high for all future Floater events.”  As a club, we can be very proud.

Several articles on our Floater in the American Airedale Magazine, the Airedale Club of America’s publication, will be sent out with the club’s newsletter.

Committee Reports

There was only one item from the Floater that needed attention.  There was a mix-up with an Airedale topiary, which WATC club member Diane Atkinson won at the banquet.  It was never ordered, but it will be delivered to her with the club’s apologies for the delay.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

The annual Spring Airedale Walk will be held on May 31st, with a rain date the following Sunday, June 7th.

A discussion was held regarding the calendar, which Sue Reimund has organized for the past 2 years.  Sandi Cooley made a motion to continue offering a calendar for sale, but to do it differently.  Instead of each month having just 1 Airedale in the picture, there will be a collage of up to 10 different Airedale pictures on each page.  Club members can send up to 5 pictures, at no charge, and there will be no voting.  This will not be a contest.  Previously entered photos will be allowed (if they weren’t chosen for one of the calendars).  Merlene Moody seconded the motion.   It was passed unanimously.  Sue Reimund will post further details on our website.

WATC member Jane Noerenberg will be our sweeps judge for our Specialty this summer.

Pam Straus brought the trophies for the Specialty and had them on display.  There was some discussion on which design to place on several of the pieces.  Because several of the stainless steel pieces are ice buckets / wine coolers, it was decided that one or more bottles of wine could be included.  Gourmet dog treats will be added to the other container-type pieces.  **Addition to minutes:  it has since been learned that we are not allowed to use alcoholic beverages as part of the trophy prizes, so we will be using only dog treats as an addition to the trophy  containers.

Pam Straus also mentioned that she is in possession of the Obedience Trophy, which was not given out at the Floater.  It will be saved for a future event.

WATC member Lanny Duttlinger wasn’t in attendance because of car trouble on her way to the meeting, but we spoke with her on the phone.  She mentioned that since the Illinois club is down to 20 members, she wanted to ask our opinions on inviting them to our events, hoping to stir up some excitement about club activities.  Sue Reimund made a motion to invite IL members to our events.  Pam Straus seconded it, and it was passed unanimously.

Sandi Cooley had information from our club’s insurance carrier about adding on some services.  It was determined that we do not need these additions.

Sandi Cooley also shared with the group that, as of July 1, 2009, the American Kennel Club (AKC) is now allowing the Airedale to compete in the AKC Upland Spaniel test, which will allow Airedales to get actual AKC titles.  The Randy Cooley Memorial Test weekend in May will include a sanctioned upland match test for Airedales only, to be approved by AKC, to show that we can hold a proper upland test.  For more info, contact Sandi at

Election of Officers

This new slate of officers was voted on and passed unanimously:

President:  Sue Reimund

Vice President:  Pam Straus

Treasurer:  Sandi Cooley

Secretary:  Sue Shannon

Board Members:  Lanny Duttlinger, Pam Lyon, LaVerne Van Der Zee

Presentation of Award

The following awards were presented:

MACH Strongbow Copper Star NF OAP NJP CGC, owned by Sue Lienau and Sandi Cooley, earned:          

NAP – Novice Agility Preferred, OAP – Open Agility Preferred, NJP – Novice Jumpers Preferred,        MACH – Master Agility Championship, and the honor of being the #4 Agility Airedale in 2008

Ch Strongbow Knight Regit Bernabee CGC, owned by Craig Larrabee and Mike Bernklau, earned:

Best of Opposite to Best Veteran in Sweepstakes, and Best Veteran Dog, July 25, 2008, at the Great Lakes National Floating Specialty

Best Veteran in Sweepstakes, and Best Veteran Dog, July 25, 2008, at the WATC Specialty

Best Veteran in Sweepstakes, October 5, 2008, at the ATCA National Specialty

Ch Strongbow Tullamore Dew CGC, owned by Sandi Cooley, won The Australian Sash, presented in the English tradition at the 2008 Hunting Working Airedale Nationals, for the most promising young dog in the Upland & Retrieving hunt tests.

Am/Can Ch Huntwood’s Liza at hollytroy CD OA OAJ JHF CGC TDI, owned by Barb and Jerry Kamp of Peru, NY and Carole Kane of Miramichi, NB, Canada, earned her Therapy Dog International title, August, 2008, at the Clinton County Kennel Club, Plattsburg, NY

Kopperas Kove Kisa’s Chiara RN CGC, owned by Merlene Moody, earned:

RN – Rally Novice and CGC – Canine Good Citizenship

CONGRATULATIONS to all for their accomplishments!

The next meeting will be at the Spring Walk.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:08.

Financial Report