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2011 May 22 Minutes

Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order at 12:55 p.m. on Sunday, May 22nd at the home of Sue & Tom Shannon.
Pam Straus made a motion to accept the previous Meeting Minutes as printed. Marie Madderom seconded, and it passed.
There was no Vice President's Report.
There was no Secretary's Report.
Treasurer's Report
Sandi Cooley reported that the checkbook balance is 5,568.75. There was a discussion about having another person be able to sign checks for our club account. Sue Reimund asked Sue Shannon to be that person.
Committee Reports
Hunting / Working Committee - Sandi Cooley reported:
The Randy Cooley Memorial Hunt Test on May 13 - 15th at Rock River Kennels in Burnett, WI was a great success.

On Friday we had seven entries in the fur test, all in Junior, with two qualifiers.

On Saturday and Sunday, we had one Airedale entered in Junior and two Airedales entered in Senior, with one qualifier in Senior. On Sunday, both Airedales qualified in Senior. There were four bitches entered both days for the spaniel tests, but had to be pulled after three came into season. All in all it was a good showing for our breed.
This year it was especially important to have a decent entry for the Fur Test due to the AKC's interest in titling these tests. Over a year ago, the AKC approached parent clubs who have "unique tests", and offered the possibility of these unique tests becoming AKC-titled tests.

The ATCA has been holding a fur trailing and treeing test for over 15 years, in it's present format, and many of us feel that AKC should accept this test (the current fur test regulations were re-written by AKC staff - notably Bill Speck - Randy Cooley, Jim Lanning and Dorothy Miner) as an AKC- sanctioned test. So now it will be up to the ATCA governing body to pursue this avenue, as offered by the AKC.
Trophy Committee - Pam Straus already has several of the trophies for our Specialty shows.
A sign-up sheet for volunteers to help with the Specialty shows was passed around. Please contact Sue Reimund if you are able to help.
New Business
There were no new member applications.
- Pam Straus introduced her idea of starting a Humanitarian Fund for our club. This Fund would offer financial help to club members whose Airedale is diagnosed with a major medical issue. I have attached the WATC Humanitarian Fund information sheet to this newsletter.
- ACK requirements to hold Specialty Shows:
Sue Reimund reported that there are 3 requirements that our club needs to meet before holding our Specialty Shows.
1. Post a Breeders Referral List, which we do on our website.
2. Ad in newspaper promoting AKC pure bred dogs, which Sue will do in conjunction with our October Fun Day. We will be doing a "Meet the Breed" demonstration, describing our breed standard, what judges look for at shows, etc. This also covers the 3rd requirement, which is an Education Activity.
- October Fun Day:
Sue Reimund has a Power Point Presentation, which she will show to the group. To do this, we need a screen and an LCD Projector. To rent an LCD Projector costs $129, so we're hoping that one of our members has one that we can borrow for the day. Please contact Sue Reimund if you have one. We are also planning to have some Halloween fun, where each Airedale who wears a costume will receive a prize. As they parade around, each dog will stop at the center and do a trick. We will have a Silent Auction as part of our Fun Day, too. The proceeds will help with the Fun Day expenses and / or go to the Humanitarian Fund.
- The next meeting date will be Sunday, October 23, 2011 at our Fun Day.
- The meeting was adjourned at 1:40