The Wisconsin Airedale Terrier Club is an organization that has something to
offer all Airedale
breeders, show dogs and companion dog owners

Est. 1957

Wisconsin Airedale Terrier Club

Wisconsin Airedale Terrier Club



Form a show committee and pick a Sweepstake judge. 

Send in Show information to ATCA's website Events list. 

Form a trophy committee and purchase trophies.


Prior to December 15 of each year, the Board shall select a Nominating Committee ....(consisting of three (3) members and not more than one (1) of who shall be a member of the Board. The Secretary shall immediately notify the committee men of their selection. The Board shall name a Chairman for the Committee and it shall be his duty to call a committee meeting and report nominations to the Secretary prior to January 15 of each year.)


 Send in AKC compliance report.

Click here:
AKC Compliance Form
Detailed Description for Compliance
AKC Advertisement Program

 Submit WATC membership List to AKC
Club Membership List Upload Tool



February 1st; WATC dues  

 (Membership dues must be in so trophy donors list can be included in the Dog Show Trophy list ( see below) / Premium List) Dues NOT received by February 1st will not have their names listed on trophy donor list for that year but will be included on next year's list.

 Annual meeting before the last day of February.

 Financial Statement due last day of February
(tax year March 1 to last day of February)

  Send in AKC Show Application  click here:  Show Application

Receive blanket approval to hold specialty show from ATCA(parent club) secretary. Send AKC copy of blanket approval to hold specialty show.

February 15th : Deadline for ATCA American Airedale for June issue
send to Patty: (contact person name & e-mail may change)

Specialty Show Premium  List example from previous years. Use this as a guideline to submit to show chair of the Kennel Club we are having our show in conjunction with.  Important....trophy list donors, list of officers, sweeps money breakdown, rosettes, descriptions of trophies, and  hospitality information.



March 1st

 1. Notify Airedale Terrier Club of America Sec. of our Officers & Board members and Sec. contact information so we get listed correctly in the ATCA’s yearly roster. 

2. Notify AKC of  Officers and Board members names and contact information.   
Club Officer Update Request
Please provide the following information in an email to

  • Club Name (Please make sure to include it in the message subject also)
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information
  • Your Role in the Club
  • Officer Information That Needs to Be Updated
    For each officer, please include their position, name, address, phone number(s), and email address.
    Please also include the date the change should be effective
On March 1st the 990 E-postcard needs to be filed.
The log on id is: 39194442401
The password is: Airedale


Prior years Sweepstake Judges

2000 Mickey Frisch
2001 Susan Anderson
2002 Gerardo Reyes
2003 Diana Dozier
2004 Gary Vohs
2005 Vicki Barker
2006 Barbara Brown
2007  Jean Surfus
2008 Carole Kane
2009 Jane Noerenberg
2010  Ross Knutson
2011 Lisa Berglin
2012 Deirdre Hernandez
2013 Gary Vohs

2018 Alanda Duttlinger

Prior years Best Of Breed Winners - WATC Specialty Show

2000:  Stone Ridge Moraine Man O' War  
(Owner - Janet Framke)

2001:  Ch. Terrydale HK Moraine Spin 
(Owners - Terrydale Kennels and E.Z. Zaphiries and M. Stander)
2002:  Waggin - Aires Heaven Sent 
(Owners - Jeanne Johnson and Pam Soleski and S. and D. Boeving)
2003:  Ch. Garnet Ridge Elite 
(Owners - Jeanne Johnson and Pam Soleski)
2004:  Huntwood's Natalee 
(Owner - Susan Kipp)
2005:  Joval Never Say Never 
(Owner - Valeria Rickard, DVM)
2006:  Ch. Evermay's High Performance 
(Owners - Richard Berg and Samantha Curran)
2007:  Ch. Huntwoods Waltzing Mathilda 
(Owners - Robert and Andrea Berkowitz and Scott and Susan Kipp)

2008:   Ch. Huntwoods Waltzing Mathilda 
(Owners - Robert and Andrea Berkowitz and Scott and Susan Kipp)
2009:  Ch. Stone Ridge Tobylinn 
(Owners - Janis Linn and Janet Framke)

 2010: Walnut Ridge Kitty O'Shae of Avondale
(Owner - Melinda Loshak)


2011 Saturday: GCH Epoch's Time Bandit
(Owners -Doug & Aletta Moore)

 2011 Sunday: GCH Epoch's Time Bandit
(Owners -Doug & Aletta Moore)

 2012 Sunday:  GCH Huntwood Spyglas Of Stone Ridge Tobylinn
(Owners-  Janis Linn & Susan Kipp)

2013 Sunday: 

 2014 Saturday:  GCH Huntwood's Command Performance Of TobylInn
(Owners- Christine Vitosh & Janis Linn & Susan Kipp)

2018 Saturday: GCH Singing Hills Selah
(Owners- Caron Jones & Bruce Jones)