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Minutes - May 23, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 on Sunday, May 23, 2010.
There was a motion to accept the previous meeting minutes as published by Pam Straus, seconded by Sandi Cooley, and the motion was passed.
President's Report
WATC President Sue Reimund reported that we received a donated item for our Specialty auction from Jude Delaney.  She is the person who made our Specialty invitations.
Vice President's Report
Vice President Pam Straus had some of the trophies on display, which will be used for our 2010 Airedale Specialty.  She ordered them from both the ATRA and the ATCA (Airedale Terrier Club of America) websites.  There was a discussion about donating some of our old trophies to our auction.  Sue Reimund made a motion that we do donate these trophies, it was seconded by Rebecca Eash and was passed. 
Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Sandi Cooley reported that the WATC checkbook balance is $5,395.06, and the CD balance is $2,764.11.
Old Business
Show Committee Report: 
Pam Straus asked for volunteers for hospitality at our Specialty show and luncheon.  As in the past, the club will provide fried chicken, and members will bring side dishes and dessert.  She will also need people to help with trophy set-up.
There was a discussion about a trophy which was not used at our Floater show, because there was no entrants for Obedience.  It's a very nice bronze DannyQuest statue of 2 Airedales.  A motion was made by Pam Straus to donate it to ATRA for their upcoming Fall Aire Frolic auction.  It was seconded by Kaye Kovacs and passed.
The topic of donating to a Political Action Committee to fight anti-dog ownership legislation was brought up.  We are not allowed to donate as a club, however, individual members may donate.  We discussed adding a line to our membership renewal form for this.  The discussion was tabled, as membership renewals don't go out until next February.
New Business
Sandi Cooley read 4 new member applications:
Tom & Anne Reed
2675 N. Summit Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53211

Mary Larson
3617 Deer Run Ct.
Manitowoc, WI  54220

Diane & Kent Newbury
8527 N. Point Dr.
Fox Point, WI  53217

Karen L. Gorzalski
2923 S. 38th St.
Milwaukee, WI  53215
A motion was made to accept these new members by Pam Straus, seconded by Sue Reimund, and passed. 
Sue Reimund talked about the 2010 AKC Eligibility Requirements to hold a dog show.  Having Paula Lackner, an Airedale Rescue representative, speak to the group fulfilled one requirement.  We will also be putting an AKC ad in the Milwaukee Journal, maintaining a Breeder Referral List (on our website), and holding an educational activity (the Dog Show Game and Rally class).
We discussed future meetings.  After the Airedale Specialty on July 31st, the next scheduled event is the Fun Day on October 18th.  We plan on doing a 'Dog Show Game,' which would help people to understand what goes on at dog shows.  The next event is walking in the Grafton Christmas Parade, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th
The date for the Christmas party is not yet set.
Sandi Cooley reported on the Cooley Memorial Hunt Test, which was held May 14 - 16th.  On Friday, they held the workshop and Fur test.  The AKC Upland Spaniel Test was held on Saturday and Sunday.  Approximately 7 Airedales were entered.
Meeting adjourned ...