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Club Administrative Calendar & Deadlines


WATC Specialty Show

  • Form a Specialty Show Committee (one or more members) and pick a Sweepstakes Judge (see February for the forms and application for Specialty Show)

  • Form a Specialty Trophy Committee (one or more members) that will research, purchase trophies and submit trophy list to WATC Specialty Show Committee. Transport trophies to show and setup on trophy table. Collect unused trophies and return to club storage for future use.(see Specialty Show Premium List Trophy Examples)  (Waukesha Kennel Club offers rosette upgrades for a price. Inquire with WKC Show Sec. )

  • Form a Specialty Hospitality Committee (one or more members)  Responsible for Specialty Show Luncheon and Dinner, RSVP's, arrange for lunch space at show grounds, select lunch menu items and  pickup as well a select a restaurant and make dinner reservations.


General Business

  • Form a Nominating Committee   Prior to December 15 of each year, the Board shall select a Nominating Committee ....(consisting of three (3) members and not more than one (1) of who shall be a member of the Board. The Secretary shall immediately notify the committee men of their selection. The Board shall name a Chairman for the Committee and it shall be his duty to call a committee meeting and report nominations to the Secretary prior to January 15 of each year.)

  • Form a AKC Compliance Committee

  1. Read and Review AKC Eligibility Requirements to Hold Dog Show

  2. Send in Statement of Compliance Form to the AKC

  3. Review and Apply to Host Club  Blank FORM    Completed Waukesha Kennel Club Consent form

  • January 1st; Send out WATC Renewal Dues  Renewal Application Form

    Membership dues must be in by February 1st so trophy donors list can be included in the Dog Show Premium Trophy list for the WATC. Dues NOT received by February 1st will not have their names listed on trophy donor list for that year but will be included on next year's list.

  • Send / Email members Form for Annual Achievement Awards [members that wish to have their dog(s) prior year accomplishments recognized. Recognition awards are handed out at the annual meeting.]


Annual meeting before the last day of February

  1. Vote in New Officers & Board Members

  2. Planning: Schedule yearly meetings and events (AKC Compliance education events, fun days, picnics, annual holiday party, guest speakers, walks, fund-raisers, etc.)

  3. Annual Achievement Awards Presentation

  4. Treasurer; Submit Financial Statement to Officers/Board (WATC Tax Year is March 1 to last day of February.See bottom of this page for Tax files E-990 postcard)


WATC Specialty Show Committee


Trophy Committee; Submit trophy list to Waukesha Kennel Club show secretary.  Specialty Show Premium List trophy example from a previous year. Use this as a guideline to submit to show secretary of the Waukesha Kennel Club.  Important....trophy list donors, list of officers, sweeps money breakdown, rosettes, descriptions of trophies, and hospitality information should be included as well as supported entry awards/prizes


Submit WATC Membership List and List of Officers & Board to AKC at

  1. Club Name (Please make sure to include it in the message subject also)

  2. Your Name

  3. Your Contact Information

  4. Your Role in the Club

  5. Officer Information That Needs to Be Updated. For each officer, please include their position, name, address, phone number(s), and email address. Please also include the date the change should be effective. 




March 1st


Deadline for Specialty Show Flyer submission to the Airedale Terrier Club of America "American Airedale" newsletter for June issue Send to Patricia Gregg  or whomever is the current newsletter editor.

  1. Notify Airedale Terrier Club of America Sec. of our Officers & Board members and Sec. contact information so we get listed correctly in the ATCA’s yearly roster.


On March 1st the 990 E-postcard needs to be filed.

EIN: 39-1944424




IRS link to file:

Click on Submit Form 990-N e-postcard

The log on id is: 39194442401

The password is: Airedale

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