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Airedale Rescue Program

Every year, for various reasons, many Airedale Terriers in this country find themselves in need of new homes. Sometimes they are lost or abandoned. Most often, however, these dogs are unwanted simply because they have become inconvenient for their owners. It might be a new baby, a move, a new spouse, a divorce, a new house, a new job. Usually, these life changes are no reflection on the dogs, but they are easily disposable in our fast-paced society.


Good, reliable breeders accept responsibility for dogs they produce and take back if they need help, re-evaluating and placing them in suitable new homes. Irresponsible breeders fail to live up to their end of the bargain and don't care what happens to their puppies once they are sold. Some dogs' backgrounds are never known, but good bloodlines run through many "Rescue Dogs".

So many of the Airedales are handsome, frequently under long, matted coats. And each one can shine, in both spirit and appearance, with grooming. The transformation is astounding. Even more impressive are their temperaments most often very appreciative of at last ending up in the hands of 'Airedale People' who understand them.

Adoptive homes are carefully screened to insure this will be the dog's final home. Airedale Rescue appreciates help of any kind - from adoptive homes to foster homes.

If you are interested in learning more about the Airedale Rescue Program, please contact-

Paula Lackner at 715-584-5961


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